This Online Group Celebrates Kittens That Are ‘Illegally Smol’ And Here Are 30+ Of The Most Adorable Ones

Who can stand these fluffy overlords in smol sizes? In fact, life is all about seeing and loving tiny things rather than the big ones, especially smol kitties. We all know that animals grow very fast, so that’s why we usually appreciate the moments when they are still illegally small. Usually, a kitten needs 8 to 12 weeks to grow and accomplish personality, sexual maturity, and socialization skills. Infant kittens start to wean their mothers and become more independent. It is also a perfect time to bring the cats home to socialize with the owner(s) at an early age. So while they are too fragile to harm, please handle them with care and food!

A subreddit ‘Illegally Smol Cats’ has received a lot of itty bitty kitties that smitten our hearts to the max. A lot of cuteness to offer. This online community has been working very hard to honor these cute little souls that are hard to ignore. But why do they call the kittens ‘illegally smol’, you might ask.

“Cats that are so adorably smol, it should be illegal.” – It was written in the community’s description.

Do you have incredibly adorable smol felines? Let’s join them and share your cats with others! Before taking part in the group, knowing how illegal smol the cats should be is also important. Scroll down and see 50 kittens below and compare them to your smol cutie pie. Who knows your cat could be a home run?

(h/t: boredpanda)


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