24 Purrfect Cat Photos That Can Heal You After A Hard Day

When everything comes to a head, what you only thirst for is a little joy. Specifically, a happy furball can brighten your day up with its God-gifted overloaded cuteness. The way they show their bellies makes us want to run our fingers through their fluffy fur. The way felines widen their eyes as if they took us to the ocean of affection. The way cats simply purr as loud as possible like a motor engine running inside their larynxes. All these little things are too precious to ignore!

If you have never experienced what I am describing above, don’t worry, we have collected a bunch of happiness so we can share the joy virtually. This happiness is called cats! Maybe you have had a rough day, maybe you are going through a season of turbulence, or maybe you are facing the loss of something or someone. But hey, nothing will last forever except the wholesomeness of cats. These 24 adorable photos of cats will definitely lift you up, enjoy scrolling!

(h/t: brightside)


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